The age of lust (part 2)

  • 8 months ago
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My partner was a wonderful guy. The marrying kind who looked past the guy I was and treated me like the woman I dressed as. I enjoyed him totally and if someone had told me I would be in a same sex relationship with another as a crossdresser? I probably would have laughed and replied that they had me mistaken for someone else. The sex was great and he pleasured whenever I wanted and indulged (sometimes reluctantly) in some of my more erotic fantasies.

If everything I was thinking was true then why was it that I allowed myself to be fucked by a 16 year old boy? Why was it that while I was making love to my partner this morning I was thinking about how good Arnold felt inside me? My better half had to go in early this morning and as I stood on the porch and watched him leave, I saw Arnold looking from his bedroom window across the street. When his car was out of sight I made my way upstairs and quickly to the shower. I washed enjoying the warm water as it covered my body and after 20 minutes of cleaning my self I dried and walked over to my closet. Arnold normally caught the bus to school but I had said I would drop him off. Work was in the same direction and I wasn't going to be there long. The dress was a gift from my guy and I was only supposed to wear it either with him or in the house. Pink see through that provided not enough to the imagination. And if the light hit it.. oh boy! I pulled it over my head and put on the pair of sheer white pantyhose and heels . I took my time with my makeup and as I was putting on the last of my things, I heard the knock at the door. I grabbed my things and walked over to the door and opened it. Arnold looked as sexy as ever as I stepped out on the porch and he looked me up and down.

"I'm going to be late for first period he spoke as we walked over to my car. I looked at him a bit confused.
"Why would you be late I asked unlocking both doors and the two of us got in. I'm taking you to school now"?? He smiled and shook his head.
" You work at the office with the underground parking right,he asked he put his hand on my thigh. I froze as he squeezed it softly and I had to clear my head as I pulled out of the driveway and down the street. I tried to ignore how warm his hand felt and looked over at him. Yes I answered the office I work at has underground parking"? He turned his body to look at me as his hand slipped quickly under my dress! I'm going to school after we go to your job with the underground parking. I just want a different place to fuck you! His hand was in between my legs massaging my clit through my pantyhose!

Your guy loves you he whispered as my mind began to race, and you feel almost the same". But I know you want me to fuck you again!" I know that you want to feel my dick inside you. I didn't answer but we both knew what it was already. So when I pulled into the underground parking and drove up three ramps I pulled into a parking spot away from everyone. And as soon as I turned the car off and unbuckled my seatbelt I got quickly out of the car! He got out and grabbed my hand as he led me across the parking lot towards the exit door. He opened the door pulling in the small staircase and pushed me against the wall as his body pressed into mine. He kissed me as he pulled my dress up and hands began unbuttoning his pants! "I want it I whispered between kisses.

I can't help it as I pulled his cock out and slid down on my knees.
I took all of him in closing my eyes and letting my tongue smother his growing cock with saliva!! "I miss you too he managed in between the moans coming from him. I was on auto pilot as he began saying nasty and uncomfortable things to me but I didn't care as I got back to my feet. We kissed and this time we both were on the floor as he began pulling my pantyhose and panties down. He fucked me liked he was disgusted with me and when a car could be heard driving past he fucked me harder! By the time he shot his load inside me he had missed first period! We both straightened out our clothes and stepped out into the parking lot. I looked at him as he walked back down the way we had come. "I guess I would be asking too much if I wanted some more dick at lunch. He looked back at me and nodded his head. You like the school parking lot he replied. I smiled and headed toward the elevator and stepped inside. My partner was a wonderful guy. The marrying kind who looked past the guy I was and treated me like the woman I dressed as. Arnold was a 16 year old boy. Who fucked me like the nasty woman I didn't know I was and I didn't want it to stop!

Written by kailat
Uploaded December 1, 2020
Notes I am a storm of lust with him and he brings out the slut in me and my partner is the wonder in my life. But my storm of lust is uncontrollable around Arnold who's sexual prowess is hurtling me down a street of unforbidden convictions. The age of lust is upon me and I don't want it to stop!
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