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"Why are you so rude! " I looked at him as he pulled out his (at least 10 inch) cock and flashed it at me. Danny was my friend and my neighbor. And he was the only one that knew I was a crossdresser. So as I sat on the porch and sipped my tea I had a clear look across the street at him. He noticed me watching him as I flipped him the bird and pretended to roll my eyes. I was wearing a cute skirt and a matching bodysuit with sheer white pantyhose and black flats. I came out to walkkDanny because I had went to the plaza dressed as Claire and he almost ran me over to catch up!
We talked for about an hour if not longer and when wewere done he showed me what building he was staying in that happened to be across the street from me 😘. That was a year ago and looking back on our first meeting made my mind wander. He was definitely not shy about his feelings
towards me! The very first time we spent the day together he pinched my butt and laughed hysterically. And from that day until now we have been close ever since. I was
Watching him when he flashed his dick and I had to fight the naughty thoughts running through my mind. He was helping his friend work on his car and in between that he was making sexual suggestions at me!
I sent him a text.
"You're such an asshole I wrote and waited for him to reply.
"But I bet you're thinking about my cock now he replied. In fact you should meet me in my garage so I can give your pussy what it wants!! " I watched as his friend gave him a salute as he left and Danny turned his attention across the street to me. He backed into the shade of his garage but stopping long enough to give me a good look at how big and hard his dick was. I sent him another text.
"You know what it takes for that to happen I replied with a laughing face imoji. Your mother is sexy and if you give me one of her dresses to wear then I'll come over? " There was a awkward pause from Danny as I waited for what seemed likely forever and my phone began to vibrate. And I read his messages. Lol, I've already known about you sneaking in my mom's room and putting on her things? I hid my phone in there the last time you were here and recorded you. You had my cock so hard and I jacked off the three times watching fyou play with yourself and moaning like some sex deprived slut! Now get over horny ass over here and text me when you get into the garage. "
I got up and walked into my house and took a quick look on over my head as I pulled I around I was nervous and speechless at the same time! "How in the hell did find out? I asked myself as I grabbed my purse and headed back outside and closing and locking the door behind me I walked down the driveway and headed across the street. I sucked quickly under the garage door and stared into the dimness and sent Danny a message.
"I'm here I replied and he sent another text just as I sent mine. Open the locker door in front of you and see what i left for you". I walked over to the locker and opened it and my eyes widened as I looked down at the blue dress folded neatly on one of the shelves. I slid off the dress I had on and pulled the dress Danny left for me over my head and pulled it down until it stopped at the top of my knees. He surprised me again when I noticed the pantyhose he left for me under the dress. I sat on the bench and put the sheer black pantyhose on trying to keep my clitty from getting aroused and pulled them up and looked down at how sexy my legs looked with pantyhose on. I was wrong for going this far with this and if my boyfriend ever found out about my secret it could end our relationship! And yet as I opened the door and walked into the hallway that led to the kitchen that no longer seemed to matter. I text him.
"Where are you I asked as I walked slowly down the hall and stopped at the entrance to the kitchen. He sent me a text telling me to walk upstairs and meet him in his mother's bedroom. I did as he asked and when I opened the door and stepped inside I almost fainted! "
Danny was laying across his mother's bed completely naked! Stroking his cock and smiling at me.
"Tell me you want me to fuck you he spoke as he got up and on his feet. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you wearing my mother's clothes! "

He walked over to me stopping in front of me. He was clearly a whole foot taller than me and when he pulled me towards him my clitty began swell. "I see you with your boyfriend he continued. I see the way you look at me and I know what you want. " He pulled my hand and rested it on his dick. I'm not going to say a word I just want you to say how bad you want me to fuck you.
I was quiet as I wrapped my hand around his cock.
He pressed his body against mine and reached around and squeezed my ass as I jumped unexpectedly.
He kissed my neck softly moving up to my chin and then my lips.
It was a small peck at first.
And when he moved in again he grabbed me as he pushed his tongue into my mouth! I stroked his cock faster as I sucked his tongue, grinding my hips into his my clitty heating up the rest of me!
He pushed me back until I fell on the bed as he climbed on top of me. "Fuck me I whispered in his ear as he kissed and licked my neck. Ive wanted you to fuck me for so long and as our lips met again that's exactly what he did! For three straight hours!
His body was like some pleasure machine! And his cock was the jackhammer as he stroked and gave my pussy the pounding it had been missing for so long!
We stopped and took a shower and he fucked me again as my sexual inhibitions went out the window. My mouth gave his cock it's complete attention as I sucked and licked the head and shaft as Danny pumped himself into me.
" I won't tell he stuttered in between my deepthroating him.
" Not if you want to keep fucking me I hissed kissing his cock softly. I want this cock baby I added as I felt his body stiffen and I twirled my tongue over the pee hole as he filled my mouth with his load. I swallowed and pulled

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Written by kailat
Uploaded November 7, 2020
Notes My fantasy of being manhandled and fucked by my neighbor and his 10 inch rock hard cock! Just writing this story has me horny AF!
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