"Three's definitely company"

  • 9 months ago
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I sat in the balcony on the top row in between two other men in the auditorium. The play was sold out and the place was packed as we exchanged conversation and looked around at all the other well dressed people in the building. Being a crossdresser opened up the door to a great deal of attention from guys than I was used to. But I was also gay and the two men sitting on opposite sides of me were something out of a romance novel! The guy to my left was clean shaven and seemed fit just like the one on my right. Both guys looked like giants to me as I tried to keep my excitement in check as the lights went dim and the music began. The play started slow and began to gain steam when I felt the guy on the rights hand sliding from my leg and under my dress.
I thought I was dreaming at first but he squeezed my thigh just as the man on the left grabbed my hand and placed it on his exposed cock! His hand made its way around one of my fake breast as he began rubbing and squeezing it. I gripped his cock as the guy on the right slid further under my dress and in between my legs. The guy on the left moaned as I stroked his semi-hard cock while at the same time I opened up the man on the rights pants. I pulled out his dick and leaned over in his seat and began to lick it from the head to his balls. The guy on the right found my clit and began to rub it through my pantyhose as I opened my legs slightly. We were in our own nasty place as I switched and started sucking the dick of the man on my left. Both of their cocks got bigger in my hand as let man on my left slid his hand under my dress.
The hornier I got the more I realized we were going to cause unescessary attention if we kept heading in the direction we were headed in so I stopped and looked at the two of them. I whispered for them to follow me as we got up and left the auditorium. I walked quickly down the hall and up two flights of stairs as the two men followed. I made my way down another stretch of halls stopping finally at door to room. I freelanced at the auditorium so they gave me a private office away from the other employees. I opened the door and we walked inside as I locked the door behind me and turned my attention back to the men. Both were undressing as the left hand guy stepped out of his pants and walked over to me. He pushed me against the wall as he began to kiss my neck and chest as the right hand guy came over. His lips met mine as we kissed and both men's hands began exploring underneath my dress. I moaned as the right hand guy broke our kiss and I dropped slowly to my knees in between them. I sucked first one cock and then the other putting them together as the left hand guy gave me a mouthful! He got on his knees in front of me as the right hand guy grabbed my hips from behind. I focused on the dick in front of me as I moaned and slurped, licking the mushroom head as the right hand guy slid his rod deep inside my pussy. He fucked me like he owned me calling me all kinds of vile names and I enjoyed all of it!
They switched as I took the right hand guys dick in my mouth while the left hand guy stretched my pussy even wider! They treated me like their very own slut as they fucked my mouth and pussy for almost three hours before shooting their loads in between my legs and on my clit. I sucked the remaining cum from each one of their dicks swallowing as much as I could before the three of us sat lazily on the couch to take a quick rest. The two men got dressed and I refixed my makeup and clothes and we left the office. The left hand guy went his way as the right hand guy and I walked down the emergency steps and to the underground garage. We got to the last row of steps and he fucked me again as I lost control and begged him for more. We got to our cars 45 minutes later and we exchanged numbers and drove off. I pulled out and stopped at the closest gas station I could find and saw the left hand guy coming out of the bathroom. He smiled as I walked over to him and pulled me back inside. I sucked his cock until he exploded in my mouth and I licked my lips swallowing it all. Before we parted we exchanged numbers and I paid for my gas as he drove away. I got in my car and smiled as I started it up and pulled away. We all agreed we come back tomorrow and actually watch the play..... Maybe😘😘😘

Written by kailat
Uploaded November 2, 2020
Notes A sexy crossdresser finds herself in a unexpected threesome with two strangers.
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