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I had been once before but I was a nervous wreck the first time. I didn't stay an hour before I was booking it back home, only to have fantasies of what may have been? This particular weekend had me ready to give it another try without the thoughts of backing or freaking out. I got ready putting on a curve fitting dress, a pair of sexy sheer pantyhose, and my makeup. I gave myself a once over looking as I did a cute turn adjusting my clothes. I was getting a little horny just looking in the mirror at myself! I grabbed a few things stuffing them in my bookbag and purse as I headed out the door and to my car.
I made my way on the highway trying to clear mind of the nasty thoughts running through it. As I got close my heart began to pick up the beat as I turned in and went down the small incline. There were cars parked everywhere as I managed to back into a spot and turned the card off. I looked around at at all the cars around me with guys inside of each. Some getting out and walking towards the building and others just sitting and waiting. I took a deep breath and opened my door and stepped out grabbing my bookbag and purse. I looked around and could feel the eyes from the different cars looking at me. I felt slightly nervous as I walked slowly toward the building and up the stairs. I took a quick look across the parking lot and stepped inside I felt a small calmness as I looked around at the shelves and racks of things Tokyo sold. Handcuffs, dildos, whips and things I found myself thinking "wow". I made my way to the second floor and as I walked into the room where the lingerie was displayed I was in heaven. I found something hot that caught my and picked it up as I turned my attention to the wall of stockings and pantyhose behind me. My body began to hear up as I looked at the sizes and colors. It was at that moment I realized someone was watching me.
I pretended not to notice as I took a quick glance. Black guy about a few inches taller than me but cute none the less. As I continued to look at the racks he walked over to me. " I Yo wassup, he spoke his voice deep but soothing. You been here before just checking you out. " I nodded turning to him and trying not take in everything in front of me.
"Once, I spoke looking down at lingerie I was holding. Pretty intense".
"So you know what go on downstairs he asked.
"Got an idea I replied looking back at the stockings and pantyhose. "Well just so you know I'm going to be on the third floor in the locker room waiting on you". And I hope you show up because I want to fuck yo sexy ass"! And he walked away. I replaid the conversation (although short), through my head and as I walked over to the cashier and paid for my things got really turned on!
I stepped outside and walked down the stairs as I stopped in front of the entrance of the first floor. I could only see darkness when I looked inside, so taking another deep breath I walked in and paid the the guy, I as I walked down a long hallway with the neon glow of green and the darkness surrounding it. I found my way to the bathroom and stepped into one of the stalls. I quickly put the lingerie I had bought on under my dress and fixing myself up, I walked out and began looking for the stairs leading to the third floor! Naughty thoughts began to take over my thinking as I found the stairs and made my way up them. I got to the third floor which resembled a dance floor like something you would see in a club. I walked into another section as I looked down the hallway at the room on at the end. I walked slowly towards it and when I arrived he was sitting on a bench watching the flat screen in front of him. He looked over at me and got up and walked over to me. He grabbed my hand and led me into another section in the room. We rounded the corner as the lights dimmed and he stopped in front of a dark entrance.
He pulled me into the dark as he pushed me up against the wall and pressed his body against mine.
His cock bulged in his pants as he slid a hand under my dress. "Pull my dick out he whispered as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down slowly. He began massaging my clitty as I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke it.
"So big I whispered as his lips found mine and I found myself sucking his tongue!
I moaned allowing his tongue free reign in my mouth as we began humping each other.
"Fuck me I whispered as he stopped and led me deeper into the room. There was a small lit sofa and I pushed him down on and slowly began to undress. I pulled the dress off revealing the lingerie I bought as I got the bottle of lube out of my purse. He turned me so that I was facing away from him and pulled me slowly onto his lap. I could feel his cock as it found my pussy. I slid slowly down on top of it as my pussy hole began widen and his cock slid deeper inside me. I close my eyes forcing more of his thick meat until he was balls deep inside and I began to ride! Eyes closed as he fucked me calling me all kinds of filthy names and I enjoyed how it made me feel!
"Be my slut he hissed pumping hard as I moaned and begged him for more! He slid his hand in between my legs as he stroked my clitty driving me nuts!
"Don't stop I moaned. Let me be your filthy slut as I drove myself down on him rapidly. He fucked for about 20 minutes before busting his load inside me. I put my dress back on as he got himself together and we walked back out into the locker room. We exchanged numbers and went out separate ways as I made my way down to the first floor.
I thought about how good the sex was and I felt myself getting horny as I text him.
"You still here I asked as I walked into the bathroom.
To my surprise he was in the stall right behind me as he unlocked the door and I walked quickly inside.
He fucked me standing up as gritted my teeth to keep from moaning to loud! " You should just following me home he whispered as he pulled out of me.
"I can fuck yo tight lil pussy for the rest of the night

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Written by kailat
Uploaded November 3, 2020
Notes My erotic adventure at the adult toy store.
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