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Teachers Pet

College can give one more than just a mere scholastic education, if one is willing to be opening to such additional education. That is what I found out anyway. Now I’m not saying everyone’s college education was, is, or will be anything like mine, but if you are lucky enough to get a Professor who is willing to teach you more than what’s in the class schedule, well let me just say, you should definitely go for the extra credits assigned.

My first week of college was the most hectic week of my life. I was literally lost in the sea of buildings and classes. I was running late, again, to my Ancient History class and knew that Professor Samuels would once again point out this fact and make me the butt of yet another stupid joke in front of the whole class. To my surprise he said nothing when I snuck into the classroom almost ten minutes late. He merely asked me to stay after the class was over.
The next two hours dragged by slowly. I wasn’t really into what Professor Samuels was saying and I nodded off. I was brought back to reality by the sound of the ringing bell to signify the class was over. I got up and was hoping to leave unnoticed but the Professor called out to me just as I reached the door.
“Young Jake,” he said with a tone of authority. “Please step over to my desk.”
I turned and walked slowly over to his desk in the far front corner of the room.
“Yes Professor Samuels,” I said as I neared his desk. “I’m sorry I was late again today. I guess I haven’t got the timing down just yet to get from one class to another.”
“It’s not a matter of timing son,” he said looking up from his chair. “It’s a matter of discipline.”
“Discipline Sir?” I asked a little befuddled.
“Discipline Jake,” he answered. “One must be disciplined in order to have order in ones life. Or one must be in fear of discipline to keep ones life in order.”
“Yes Sir.” I said slowly with a confused look.
“I can see from your expression that you don’t quite understand what I just said.”
“Well not really Sir.” I replied, still looking confused.
“Well let me explain this in easier terms,” he said getting up from his chair and moving around his desk. He sat down on the corner of his desk and faced me. “Let me take a shot in the dark here Jake. I am guessing you have always been late for most everything in your life, have you not?’
“I guess so Professor,” I replied looking down to the floor, embarrassed that I was being lectured on promptness by my college Professor just like my mom use to lecture me. “I can just never seem to get going on time and it just slowly catches up as the day goes by.”
“And has anyone done anything to get you to change this tardy mindset you seem to live by?”
“I don’t understand Sir?” I asked.
“Did your parents punish you in anyway for your lateness?”
“Not really Sir.”
“What about in high school?” he asked standing up and walking behind me. I could feel his eyes scanning me up and down. “What did they do about your lateness?”
“They changed my classes around so I didn’t have any morning classes or to many classes in a row.”
“So they all coddled you and your tardiness?” He asked as he sat down now on the other front corner of the desk.
“Well I wouldn’t say coddled Sir.” I half laughed.
“Well you can choose your own term if you like,” Professor Samuels said as he stood up. “But now you are a college man, and that brings with it some responsibilities, mainly learning to discipline yourself. And if you are not capable to discipline yourself, than someone else needs to discipline you. Do you understand this Jake?”
“I think so Sir.” I replied not really knowing what the hell he was really talking about.
“So then Jake,” he said as he walked around me again. Again I felt his eyes caress my body. “Starting tomorrow, if you are late for my class, you will be disciplined. Do you understand?”
“Disciplined?” I asked. “How will I be disciplined?”
“That is up to me,” he laughed and tapped my head. “And for you to wonder about, you may leave now Jake.”
I stood there for a few seconds before turning to leave the room. Once in the hallway I looked back into the room, Professor Samuels was sitting at his desk smiling. I could have sworn I saw him wink at me before I headed off down the hallway.
The next morning I awoke early. I had stopped by the local drugstore and bought a second alarm clock. It was a wind up model, one of those old fashioned ones with the two big brass bells on the top. When the alarm went off its loud ringing of the bells got me up and running, at least across the room to where I had set the clock, forcing myself to get out of bed to shut it off.
It was a great start to the day, but it went downhill fast from there and by the time Professor Samuels’s class was starting, I found myself running across the lawn in front of the History building. I got to the door of his classroom four minutes late. I dreaded what was to come as I opened the door and sneaked to my seat. I felt some relief that maybe he hadn’t noticed since he was writing intently on the blackboard and never looked in my direction. But when the bell rang I knew he had noticed.
“Jake,” he announced loudly. “Would you stay after please?”
I froze halfway out of my chair. Oh crap I thought, here it comes another boring lecture on being late. Blah, blah, blah.
“Come with me Jake.” Professor Samuels said as he got up from his desk and walked to his private office door. He opened the door and waited for me to step through. When I did he closed the door and I thought I heard a lock click.
“So, I see you did not take our little talk seriously,” He said walking over to his desk. “Now what should I make of that?”
“But Professor Samuels,” I replied. “I tried, I even bought a second alarm clock and got up early but things just sort of happened.”
“Things don’t just sort of happen, Jake,” he said looking me in the eyes. “You make them

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Uploaded November 6, 2020
Notes College life is different from High School, as some students find out, the Professors have ,mush more control over their students.
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