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The Indebted Butler

It had been almost two years since I had loaned Jake money so that he could travel overseas that summer with his friends. I knew then that he may never really be able to pay me the money back, but I didn’t want to deprive him of the experience of going abroad with his friends. One of the things an eighteen year needs to do is see what other countries are like, so one can appreciate your own country more. Well that and the lifetime camaraderie one builds with your friends on such a trip.
As I said, that was almost two years ago now, and I had all but forgotten about getting paid back when Jake stopped by this afternoon. He had kept in touch over the nearly two years, sporadically at least, and had stopped in to let me know he hadn’t forgotten what I did for him and wanted to let me know that he did indeed intend to eventually pay me back what I had loaned him.
“When ever you can afford it Jake,” I said as we sat in the expansive living room. “It’s not like I’ll be hiring a debt collector or anything.” I laughed.
“Well I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about it,” Jake smiled. “I really appreciated what you did for me it’s just that I haven’t really had any extra money since I don’t have a full time job right now.”
“Hey, times are tough,” I replied. “I fully understand.” I said looking around the room. “Hey I have an idea.”
“What?” Jake asked enthusiastically.
“Well since you don’t have a full time job right now,” I began. “And since you can easily see I am not that big into housework, how about you work here for me to help pay off your debt?”
“What,” Jake asked smiling. “Like I’d be your maid or something?”
“Well I believe they call them butlers,” I laughed. “Maids are generally women.”
“Oh yeah,” Jake laughed with me. “So if I was your butler I’d do like house cleaning and stuff, and you’d take money off from my indebtedness?”
“Yeah, I’d be willing to do that,” I replied. “I mean if you’re serious about paying me back?”
“Yeah, I’m serious,” Jake smiled. “If you want to do that, I guess I could. It would actually be great. I have extra time right now and this way it wouldn’t cost me any out of pocket money to pay you back.”
“That’s right.” I smiled.
“So when would you want me to start?” Jake asked looking around the living room. “And how many times a week would you want me to come over?”
“Well do you work today?” I asked.
“Nope, no I don’t.”
“Do you want to start today?”
“Sure I could do that,” Jake replied. “So not to get all professional and what not, but how much will you deduct from my debt, like on a per hour basis?”
I sat there and looked around the room and then looked over to Jake. I decided to play a little prank on him and see what his reaction would be.
“Well, since it is to pay off a debt,” I began. “I don’t think I should deduct like the full hourly wage that I would actually pay someone to do the work.”
“Yeah I understand that.” Jake replied.
“So how would,” I rubbed my chin and thought for a minute. “Five dollars off your debt for every hour worked sound?”
“I guess that would be good.” Jake said.
“Or I could increase that to ten dollars an hour,” I smiled at him. “But then you’d have to do your work in just your sexy little underwear.”
Jake blushed and sat there silent for a couple of minutes. I at first thought I had spooked him and he would just leave.
“So you’d pay me double per hour off my debt if I did your house work in just my underwear?” He asked half smiling.
“Sure.” I replied.
Jake sat back in the couch and looked around the room, he was still blushing.
“So can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, sure, ask away.”
“Are you gay?”
“No,” I replied smiling at him. “Why do you ask?”
“Well I just thought,” Jake stammered a little. “You know if you want me to work here but be in my underwear, you know.”
“Yeah I know,” I laughed. “But Jake, one doesn’t need to be gay to enjoy the beauty of another.”
Jake blushed redder, but smiled his big toothy smile.
“What?” I asked.
“You think I’m beautiful?” He asked softly.
“Well sure Jake,” I replied. “I think you are quite beautiful.”
I didn’t think he could blush any redder but he did.
“You know what the first two thoughts that entered my mind were when I first met you?” I asked shifting myself on the couch to be sitting sideways facing him.
“No, what did you think?” He smiled.
“My first thought was, ‘Damn that boy is sexy as hell.’” I replied. “And then I wished I was fifteen years younger so I could seduce your cute sexiness.”
“Oh my god,” Jake smiled and laughed a little. “You really thought I was sexy?”
“Jake, you’re fucking hot dude,” I assured him. “Jesus, look at you? Slender, tanned, cute as hell face, big toothy smile, lovely eyes, smooth silky skin, and when you walked away, oh god that tight little ass of yours, damn boy you are definitely sexy to the max. And then add your lovely personality, Jake that makes you damn near a perfect ten in anyone’s book.”
“Wow,” Jake blushed again. “Thanks.”
“No thank you for being so damn cute,” I laughed. “So what do you say about becoming my butler?”
“Yeah, I think I’d like to do that,” Jake smiled. He paused for a few seconds and then blushed as he added. “And I’d like to do the ten dollar an hour pay rate.”
“Awesome,” I smiled broadly. “I was hoping you’d choose that one. So do you want to start today?”
“Like right now?” He asked nervously.
“Yeah, right now would be great,” I replied. “Look around, you can see I haven’t dusted or anything in a while.”
“Well, I guess I could,” Jake mumbled and looked around and then looked down to his crotch. “Ah, could I like come back in an hour or so and start then?”
“Why would you want to wait?” I smiled at him. I knew he wanted to go take care of a little problem that had arisen as we were talking, but I wasn’t going to let him. Oh you’re an evil one I thought to myself.
“Well I just wanted to…” He

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Uploaded November 4, 2020
Notes What happens when a young man owes you money? Well you offer him a special job to pay off his debt. Find out what one young man is willing to do to erase his debt to an old friend.
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