The Playroom

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By Dalton
You know when you leave for college you have all these ideas about how it’s going to be? For me, I pictured lots of great sex, freedom from the folks, and more great sex. I’d secretly harbored hopes of getting into a real relationship for the first time. I was certainly no blushing virgin but being gay and from a small town had severely limited my options leaving me with various fuck buddies, some short, but fun sessions in cars and in the woods, but not what I truly craved. I wanted to wake up every day in someone’s arms. I wanted a partner and a lover. Isn’t that what we all want?
I hadn’t really come out just yet, but now that I was at college, I was rather more open about what I wanted than I had been in high school. I had a few discreet trysts, but nothing to really write home about. Certainly not the relationship and the long fuck sessions I wanted. I thought about sex constantly, masturbating once, sometimes two or three times a day. I had an on-again off-again thing with a short little blonde guy I met in Psych 101, but he was even more in the closet than me and the best we could manage was a quick blow-job or hand job while our respective roommates were at class. Plus, I have to admit that we really had no chemistry.
So here it was, a week before Thanksgiving holiday and I was so horny I thought I was going to pop. I was sad too, thinking college had been no better than home. Where was that partner of my dreams? Well, if I couldn’t find true love, as least I could get laid. I finally made up my mind to find the play-room once and for all. Almost since my first day at school, I’d heard the rumors. It was supposed to be a secret place where guys went to have sex; nothing more, nothing less. It was said to be a quiet little corner for just horny gay guys. I stuffed a couple condoms and two small lube packs in my jacket pocket and headed for the door. As I walked along the darkened paths between the buildings I tried to remember all the whispers and rumors I’d heard. The room was supposedly in the basement of either the gym or the old alumni building. There was no secret code or key, it was just a plain door at the end of a basement corridor marked with a small rainbow sticker on the lower corner near the floor.
The story went that guys would go there for sex and nothing but sex. This was not a place for observers, you got it on or got out. I figured people also hooked up for fun afterwards, but it sounded like a gay bar without the booze. Someone had once passed me a tattered sheet of paper in a back corner of the library, that was supposed to be the official rules for the play-room. It was old and had been passed around a lot, which made me think it might be legitimate. The rules were simple. You entered the room, once you found it, kept talking to a minimum, stripped naked, and did whatever you wanted. There was no force allowed and you participated as much or as little as you were comfortable with. The only rules that seemed set in stone were that safe sex was required and everyone had to be out by midnight to avoid the security and janitors.
I pictured a darkened room and a crowd of naked guys doing what naked guys did and I could feel my cock starting to harden in my jeans. Now, I just had to find the room. I headed towards the gym first, trying not to laugh at all the stupid clichés about guys in locker rooms. I slipped into the quiet building through a side door and headed for the basement. When I got there, I saw two long hallways stretching off in both directions. Being a methodical sort of person, I started down one side, checking every door for the sticker and listening for any sounds at all. I certainly knew the building well. I worked out several times a week, lifting weights, swimming, running and doing everything I could to keep my 5’ 8” frame in tight, sexy shape. My abs were rock hard and everything else was tight a firm, not ripped and silly. I stayed clean-shaven and kept my dark brown hair long, with a ponytail in back. I had little body hair and what I did have was light so I looked pretty smooth with my clothes off. I turned my attention back to my search and kept scanning doors as I walked.
It was your classic hallway, with a cement floor, boring beige walls and plain wooden doors with number plates on them. For almost half an hour I scoured every door until I concluded that either the room was a myth or I was the only horny gay guy looking for relief that night. Unlikely.
I headed for the alumni house and soon found myself creeping down the back entrance stairway. I opened the door silently and looked down a dimly lit corridor that stretched off into the middle distance. Unlike the gym, the hallway was plushly carpeted and I moved silently in my sneakers. Each door was dark wood with a brass number and a small gap at the bottom. As I moved down the hallway, looking at the bottom of the doors for the sticker, I noticed a very faint light coming from beneath one and my heart quickened. As I moved closer, I thought I heard a very faint noise and then a groan. Was this it or was some staffer having a late night quickie? I came to the door in question and sure enough, there was the rainbow sticker. My heart was now racing and there was definitely dim light coming from under the door. I heard a moan again, and it was definitely male and definitely happy.
With a trembling hand, I turned the knob and slowly opened the door. My eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light and I was immediately confronted by several things. A nude guy was sitting in a high back office chair just inside the door, slowly stroking his cock. Behind him were office partitions blocking the rest of the room except for a door size opening behind him. I heard movement back there and more moans. “You know the rules,” the guy in the chair said, his deep voice just above a whisper. I nodded and he pointed to the side where I saw a couple of piles of clothes.
So here I was.

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Written by daltonwriter
Uploaded October 20, 2020
Notes A young man at college finds a special place to live out all his lusty fantasies with other young men.
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