A Long, Smooth Run

  • 10 months ago
  • 14 min read

By Dalton

The sun was midway up and the temperature was already in the mid-80s. The sky was a perfect, endless blue and there was no wind on that hot July day. I looked down the long, clear road, marveling at its perfection. Almost three-quarters of a mile of perfect, dry, clean asphalt, just redone and butter smooth. And it was all mine. I tightened the Velcro on my slide gloves, adjusted the strap on my helmet and felt the foam inside squish a bit, having soaked up my sweat from the first two runs. My knee and elbow pads were secure and I took one more look around for cars before I stepped onto my longboard and pushed off, dropping into a speed crouch almost as soon as both of my feet were on the board.
I picked up speed at an amazing pace and soon the road became a blur as I moved up to almost 40 mph as the hill began to level halfway down. I focused on the feeling of speed, the wind cooling my sweat-soaked body and whistling in my ears. Finally, as my lower back began to ache, I carefully stood up and began a slow series of carves to scrub off some of the speed as the road leveled and began to angle upwards. After a few more gentle arcs, the board slowed and I dragged a foot to a final stop, my breathing heavy and my heart pounding from the adrenaline. Speed runs were always like this, which was why I only did one every third or forth run, preferring to longer, gentler feel of a carving run, almost like a slalom down the road. I took off the helmet and turned and hopped on the board, allowing gravity to take me on a slow ride down to where I would start my walk back to the top.
I was halfway up the hill when I saw an old Honda Civic pull up behind my motorcycle and wondered who it was. As I got closer, my eyes began to widen at the passenger. He was a little older than me, maybe early to mid-twenties to my 19. He was small, like me, maybe 5’ 5” tops and he was luscious. As he closed the door and came into full view, my cock twitched in my shorts and my mouth went a little dry. He reached into the back seat and came out holding a beautiful high-end longboard much like mine and a well used helmet covered in stickers.
I walked the last 50 feet in a bit of daze as I began to get a view of his face and body and the twitch in my pants began to grow. He had a full long ponytail of lustrous brown hair that matched his beautiful eyes. He wore a pair a very small running shorts and running sneakers and had no shirt on. His body was all smooth curves, tight muscles and a light colored bit of chest hair. He gleamed with sweat in the sun and smiled as I came to him. “Is this a private hill?” he asked, his voice lower than you would have thought and melodious.
“Well, no, although nobody rides it but me,” I said, trying to sound friendly but not starstruck. “It was just repaved about a month ago and it’s really fast,” I added, thinking I’d hate to see him fall and mess up all that physical beauty.
“I saw your last run, you looked amazing,” he said, his admiration genuine. “So, do you mind if I try,” he said, a true gentleman. I nodded my assent and he quickly donned his helmet, walked to the center of the road and stepped onto his board. I gave him about 20 seconds and then started down too, following his smooth carves and admiring the fluid way his body moved as if it was part of the board. He was good; really fucking good. He was obviously experienced because he took my hill like a pro. As we hit the bottom and came to a stop on the upslope, he turned with a huge grin and just laughed. “Omigod, that was like a ride on velvet.” I laughed too, having never heard my hill described quite that way. He stuck out his hand and I quickly pulled my slide glove off and took it. His grip was warm, moist and firm, just like his entire body and my cock began to throb. “I’m Keirin,” he said. “Just moved down from Vancouver.” Well that explained a lot. Vancouver was one of the world’s hot-spots for longboarding and this guy knew his stuff.
“I’m Theo, born and raised around here,” I said, not letting go of his hand and noticing that his grip remained too. He looked into my eyes and the smile got wider and, if I wasn’t crazy, a bit knowing. We finally let go and walked back up the hill and began to compare skate stories, We took a few more runs and talked for awhile and I noticed he liked to move closer to me and brush his hands against my back or my ass as me moved. I was very glad my shorts were baggy because by the time we go the top of the hill after our fourth run, my cock was rock hard. As if he could see this, he turned and nonchalantly whispered in my ear. “I really have to pee, is there a quiet spot around here?”
I gulped and nodded, my cock jumping at the nasty thoughts moving through my mind. I led him up the road and we stopped by his car for a minute. He reached in and grabbed his backpack. We left the boards, helmet, pads and my shirt at the car and I jumped the chain stretched between two posts in an opening in the woods on the left side of the road. I led him down a winding dirt road that was once supposed to be a driveway to a house that never got built. “There you go, total privacy,” I said, hoping my voice didn’t betray my pounding heart and raging erection. He turned and looked me straight in the eye and then he did something I will never forget. He dropped his backpack, kicked his sneakers off and slid his shorts off, standing before me, nude and smiling.
We stood that way for a long, endless minute before he moved off a few feet and arched his back, sticking his cock out in front of him and moaning softly as a huge stream sprang from him and went on for quite awhile. I watched, transfixed, my eyes glued to his tight, tanned ass and his perfectly formed cock and balls. He looked like some statue, but carved from honey brown, tanned wood, not stone. His penis was amazing. It was circumcised, beautifully proportioned and lightly veined. His pubic hair was light brown and looke

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Written by daltonwriter
Uploaded October 21, 2020
Notes A well built skateboarder finds love and lust while out riding and gets every fantasy fulfilled out in the woods one summer day.
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